As an avid reader, writer, and editor, I love working with writers and diving into their stories. I am genuinely invested in every piece that comes to me. I approach each project thoughtfully and provide honest, detailed, and constructive feedback.

Once you have received your report from me, I also offer an additional 1-hour Zoom session ($25) to further discuss my comments or brainstorm solutions for you going forward.

**PLEASE NOTE** beta reading services are not the same as and do not include editing, however, *occasionally* my inner editor can't help herself and will highlight any glaring grammar/spelling errors using track changes (at no additional cost to you).

"I would not hesitate to recommend Katrina as an exceptionally talented beta reader. She is thorough and encouraging with her feedback, pointing out both strengths and areas where further clarification is needed. She asks thought-provoking questions to solidify story and character goals. What I appreciated most was her ability to seamlessly alternate between big picture developmental issues and tiny details that are hard to see when so close to the work."

-Mia Heintzelman/Romance/66,000 words


One page email with my initial response to your story and things I found to be strengths/weaknesses. I will include thoughts or questions I have regarding plot/characters/relationships/pacing/world building and/or anything else you may need to consider taking another look at. I will also leave comments in your Word doc as reference points for anything I flag regarding inconsistencies, lulls/info dumps, or pacing issues, as well as occasional commentary on things that strike an emotional reaction.



$10 per 5,000 words (.002¢/word)

Turnaround time is 48 hours per 10,000 words - turnaround time begins once payment is received via Paypal

$25 - additional 1-hour Zoom Session post beta read (Must be scheduled within 14 days after receiving my report)



In your initial contact email, please include a brief synopsis of your story (don't worry, it doesn't need to be pretty) and anything specific you'd like me to watch for or provide feedback on.  

Pricing is based on your work being submitted using the Standard Manuscript Format (example here)



Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, or genres/sub-genres that fall under the umbrella of Speculative Fiction, & Romance.

Due to the wide range of topics in the Nonfiction + Creative Nonfiction world, please email me with a detailed description of your subject matter so we can ensure I am the best fit for you and your work!


Let's Work Together

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