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I'm thinking about that video of the kid who says "Apparently.....I've never been on live telivision before!"

That's me with this awards eligibility stuff.

And while the formality of it all feels way over my head, I'm really proud of the mere two things I've had published this year. Both are free to read online, but I'm happy to provide copies if necessary via my email which is listed at the bottom of this post.

"Rumination"- (short story) Cosmic Horror Monthly, August 2023

It's a rage filled piece about a toxic mother/daughter relationship that spans eons, and how coming home can be much worse than leaving.

(4200 words)

You can read it HERE

"The Last Supper" - (non-fic/essay) Sarah Gailey's Stone Soup Personal Canons Cookbook, November 2023

A deeply personal essay about the last meal I cooked for my dad before he died and the lifelong series of events that led to that moment.

(1260 words)

You can read it HERE

Here's my fancy graphic:

Please feel free to contact me at

And also please feel free to check these out even if you aren't fixin' to nominate.

Thank you!

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