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What is the "Wind" in the Writing Room?

(Cue the cliche "Webster's Dictionary defines wind as...")

I realize now that all of the posts so far are just explanations about why I didn't do what I said I'd do in the previous post.

I started this blog in December of 2019 with full intention to update it regularly. I had soooooo many things that I was planning to post about in 2020, such as my experience at the Futurescapes Writer's Workshop, a trip to Paris, summer grilling and parties, preparing to pursue freelance editing.... and then the world stopped.

I attempted a comeback in September and got some steam to organize and commit to (ha!) an October writing challenge.

About 6 days into the challenge I collapsed.

(Not physically, just, in every other way imaginable)

I was isolated because of COVID, pregnant and in pain, depressed, and feeling pretty defeated. My soul was screaming for me to write, to wake up, to feel alive and full of energy, and my brain just wouldn't cooperate.

For a while I allowed myself to become engulfed in shame. I saw other people finding ways to utilize their time in quarantine to be productive and still pursue the goals they had made for themselves. It was (honestly) the first time I found myself trapped in a comparison cage.

A few weeks ago, I organized my writing room to take inventory of all the children's books I own for baby Jack's library (born January 20!) and found my extra special copy of The Wind in the Willows - my favorite book and inspiration for the name of this blog.

Holding it sent a little spark back into my heart. I thought about all my favorite characters and their adventures, connections, and lessons learned. The dusty wheels in my head started turning again, and I felt like I could finally wake up.

The "wind" in the writing room is, quite literally, the energy to keep things moving. It's a reminder that wind (just as it manifests in nature) occasionally stops. Things come to a halt and start to feel settled - but all that's needed is a little gust to send things flying again.

I'd like to say I'm 100% back in business (like I do in every blog post) BUT the several Microsoft Word documents I currently have open with started projects for NaNo WriMo (hm, another blog post idea?!) has me unable to make any real promises this time. (These stories are demanding a proper finish.)


Just like the wind, I always come back ready to shake things up again.

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