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As a freelance editor with my own writing practice, I know how important it is to find an editor you can trust to care about your work as much as you do. Working hard to help other writers flawlessly tell their story is not just my job, it is my passion.

I received my Copyediting Certification from Writer's Digest under the instruction of Kelly Boyer Sagert. Both CMS and AP style guides were used in the certification course.

Sample edits are available upon request when time between paid clients permits.


Edits using track changes for grammar/punctuation/spelling, tense changes, suggested word replacements/deletes, and comments with questions, suggestions, or anything that may need your attention.

A 1-page (minimum) editor letter detailing



Pricing is set at .007¢ a word ($350 per 50,000 words)

Turnaround time is 48 hours per 10,000 words (business days only) and begins once half of quoted price is paid via Paypal, with the other half being due prior to sending edits back to you. Once I have completed edits, I will let you know they are finished and send a Paypal payment request. Once I've received it, I will immediately send the manuscript with edits as well as an editor letter.

$25 - additional 1-hour Zoom session to discuss edits and receive further clarification if needed. Must be scheduled within 14 days after receiving my report.



Word docs are preferred but can edit with Google docs if required.

Manuscript must be sent using standard manuscript formatting (example here)



Please provide me with your story's genre, word count, and a brief synopsis (it doesn't need to be pretty), as well as any content/trigger warnings, your desired start & return date, and any areas in particular you want me to focus on.

Optional: I would love to know what kind of feedback you are hoping to receive. In my experience, this can be a broad range of things, and I like to know ahead of time what sort of experience a writer is hoping to have when working with an editor.

Do you prefer firm/direct feedback or a softer approach to comments?

Do you appreciate comments that fall in line with reader responses or see them as a waste of time?

Do you need an editor to point out any/all questions they may have or are you comfortable with your current draft and prefer that I stick to general grammar/spelling/punctuation edits?

Do you want me to reach out if I have questions or prefer minimal communication?

Answering these questions helps me determine if I am a good fit for you, and also ensures I provide you with an experience that best fits you, your story, and your personal boundaries,


Let's Work Together

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