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A LOT has happened since I last popped on here. I'd originally posted some long, sappy thing about major life shifts, and maybe I still will eventually, but I can't really get my head around something I am having a hard time processing still. SO, I'll sum up some things:

  1. I left Utah and moved to Maine! My husband and I have been talking about leaving Utah for a long time, and I'll spare you a ridiculously long list of reasons why we decided to do it, but after 3 13-hour days of driving without any hiccups and my husband and 2 y/o barely making their connecting flight to arrive on time, WE MADE IT! It was a massive process that somehow worked out super smooth and I couldn't be more grateful. (There was A LOT that happened before/during all this that I'll try and write about once I've digested cuz EMOTIONS)

  2. I've got two MAJOR publishing acceptances recently that I'll be able to share later this year. I'm DYING to see them out in the world. Last year was a brutal beating of rejections, so kicking off the year with acceptances to dream markets is just wild. I FINALLY got to share my Acceptance kitteh meme.

  3. I've officially finished my first draft of my novel (working title atm) Wuthering Frights, my angsty/romantic/sapphic/cozy horror story that's sort of a forbidden romance/adult spin on Hotel Transylvania. I had initially considered self-publishing this story, but...I'm starting to wonder if I should query some agents about it first. I'll keep you posted.

  4. I will likely be taking a year off from freelance work. We have a lot of exploring to do in our new state, I'll be staying home with the bebe, and we'll have quite a few major projects to do around our house, and I definitely don't want to commit to projects that may not get my full attention. So, aside from my usual short-story critique circles, I'll likely not be taking any other major projects until next spring.

  5. I'm going to try and get back to my cookbook club posts. Our new town is SMALL and doesn't have a lot of restaurant options, so getting through those cookbooks is going to be a fun thing for me to settle into. Hoping I don't forget to post about it.

  6. My birthday cake this year was AWESOME. I really didn't want to move until after my birthday but the most convenient dates to have everything finalized didn't cooperate, so I didn't really get the party I wanted, BUT I did get a kick ass Dungeons & Dragons cake. Photo below.

AND I think that's it? Short and sweet. I'll be back to update with a more detailed post when my emotions have settled, but for now you can enjoy some photos & tidbits from my recent adventures. Cheers!

(PS Book haul pictured was all purchased from the She Wore Black Podcast Bookshop link. If you haven't listened to the podcast yet I HIGHLY recommend it)

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