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I know what you’re thinking!

But Katrina, this isn't a food blog!

OMG another blog series?!

True, and yes! The reason I love the concept of the WIND in the writing room is that it brings total chaos! Which, for me, equals spazzy, unfiltered, total balls-to-the-wall explosions of everything I love and want to share with people. Also, being a chef was one of the few things I did and just naturally felt good at, and in the last few years I've really missed exploring new flavors and techniques and being able to share that with people.

SO...I’d like to introduce you to my second blog series: Cookbook Club!

I recently read Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection by Lindsay Gardner, which is a beautiful collection of essays, interviews, recipes (and more!) from 112 women in food.

Books like this feed that part of my soul that's still craving the chaotic life of a commercial kitchen.

Right in the introduction, Lindsay beautifully describes her inspiration for this book, starting with how it's the unremarkable parts of daily life that hold the real magic and meaning.

She says:

"I often experience moments like this when I'm cooking, eating, or gathering around the table with my family and friends. Creating something nourishing and beautiful from raw materials that can be shared with others feels like a natural extension of my art practice. The tactile actions and sensations - chopping, whisking, rolling — satisfy my hands; the smells and tastes stimulate my brain..."

THIS is what I really miss about being a chef and regularly cooking for others.

A few pages later, an essay by Gray Chapman about her Cookbook Club caught my attention.

While reading it, I grappled with some mega emotions of envy and sadness knowing that I likely don’t have a group of people that would be interested in or be able to seriously commit to something like that.

After my short and sweet pity party, I gathered my wits and decided to pretend this is some super cool solo RPG thing and blog about it!

I rounded up most of my fairly impressive cookbook collection and started planning.

My goal is to publish at least one cookbook club (shooting for two if possible) post a month, with pictures from the cookbook, my finished dishes, and thoughts on the meal and cooking process.

Each post will be titled CC: [Cookbook name] and, at the end of the post, include my upcoming cookbook choice & menu (subject to change depending on product availability & price) for those who wish to cook along and share their meal photos and thoughts with me!

Cooking will take place every 1st (and 3rd if I can swing it) weekend of the month with my blog post going LIVE every 2nd (and 4th) Monday of each month. Be sure to let me know if you follow along!


MENU: Priya Krishna's Khadi (pg 12)

& Jessica B Harris's Chicken Yassa (pg 64)

Post will go live January 10th, happy cooking!

(And check out these stackkkkkssssss — obv a photo shoot was in order)

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